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ICT Strategy Development

Class IT Consultancy and IT Enabled Services Description
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    Service     Open Source Migration Planning Evaluate migration to OSS systems (Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP), Solaris, Squid, Samba, Others)
    Service     Open Source Transformation planning Evaluate OSS technologies and develop strategies to migrate to OSS platforms
    Service     Virtualization: Server, Storage, Network consolidation planning Study and develop analysis of consolidating ICT infrastructure to virtualization platform
    Service     Virtualization: Desktop, Application & Web infrastructure planning Study and develop analysis of consolidating ICT applications suite to virtualization platform
    Service     Consolidation: Data Centers consolidation planning Study and develop analysis of consolidating multiple Data Center facilities to reduce cost
    Service     eCommerce induction planning E-Commerce Initiative Analysis, Preparation of Business Plan, E-Commerce Site Development and Implementation, Payment Systems, Delivery Channels, Turnkey Project Consultancy.
Service     Moving to Private Cloud     Develop analysis of moving ICT applications and DC infrastructure to cloud environment
    Service     Transforming to Green Data Center Provide analysis of renovating Data Center facilities for efficient energy utilization and cost reduction
    Service     Business Intelligence – Big Data Developing Strategy for Business Intelligence, Data Lakes, Business Analytics, Decision Support Systems and Executive Support Systems. Training of Manpower and Talent Hunt.
    Service     Development of ICT Policies
    Service     Development / Validation of RFQ, RFP, BoQ documentation Preparation of RFQ, Contract Negotiations, Development of RFP, Single envelope/Two Envelope Bids, Technical and financial Bids Evaluation Criteria, Evaluation of Bidding Documents, Non disclosure Agreements, etc.
    Service     Need Analysis and ICT departmental setup
    Service     ICT optimization analysis and study Migration, Innovation, integration, transformation, enablement
    Service     ICT Budgeting and Forecasting Make budget based on forecast of future growth and trends and make plans based on these
    Service     ICT Acquisition Product Identification and Sourcing, Product Acquisition, Product Evaluation and Testing, Product Sizing, Vendor Research
    Service     ICT Assessment Get insights, Assess Current State, Identify new technologies, save costs
    Service     AIX Performance Monitoring and Tuning
    Service     IT Infrastructure Assessment and Technology Roadmaps Compute, Storage, Network, RISC UNIX Servers, x86 WinTel Server, Site and Facilities, Data Centre Energy Efficiency
    Service     Flex IT Consulting Services
    Service     IBM AIX System Security Analysis Service