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Management Consultancy

Class Management Consultancy Services Description
 Group   Management Consultancy download
    Service     Internal operational and management non financial audit
    Service     Corporate affairs
    Service     Planning
    Service     Systemization of the Chief Executive office working
    Service     Lighten the load on the CEO
    Service     Corporate governance
    Service     Half yearly management audit review of management systems/processes/reports.
    Service     Vision, mission, core value and strategy session
    Service     PMO-Project Management Office
    Service     BPR-Business Process Re-engineering Analyze a business process, find the inefficiencies and remove them by modifying the process
    Service     CCC: Customer Care Center
    Service     Policies, systems and processes
    Service     Management reports system
    Service     Management meetings system
    Service     Restructuring, right-sizing of the organization
    Service     Surveys
    Service     Customer satisfaction
    Service     Sales, marketing and customer services management consulting
    Service     Executive training
    Service     Supply Chain Optimization
    Service     Business Continuity Management Assistance Providing Business Continuity Planning and Management skills to support in-house BCP management staff