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Our Partners

  1. 1FPM Solutions, a Division of First Paramount Modaraba, is a focused group providing sales and services all over Pakistan to different National and Multinational Organizations, Banking and Financial Sectors, Health Care Services, Academic Institutions, Manufacturers and Trading Houses, etc.

    FPM Solutions provides services in the areas of Power Management Solutions, Data Center and Networking Solutions, Security & Surveillance Solutions, Power Generation.


  3. 3Technology, Development and Research is a systems integrator and services firm. It was founded in 2001, with the aim of providing custom designed products and support services in Electrical Power Systems, IT Power, Cooling, Data Center and IT Facility Infrastructure.

    TDR provides services in the areas of IT and Telecommunications Solutions, UPS Solutions, Solar Power Solutions, Video Surveillance Solutions, Power Distribution Units Solutions, Data Center Infrastructure Design, Data Center Construction, Electrical Power Infrastructure Design, Electrical Infrastructure Construction, HVAC & Refrigeration Cooling Infrastructure Design and Construction.


  5. constMulti-Field Consultants and executants (MFCE) through a team of highly skilled professionals and engineers provides complete range of services to businesses, industry and academia. It’s range of services include but is not limited policy and planning, education and training, science and technology, infrastructure development and maintenance, arts and architecture, health and environment, resourcing renewable and conventional energy and its conservation, statistical and engineering data collection and interpretation, assessing software requirements and providing software solutions, etc. These services include preparation of feasibility and prefeasibility reports, assessment of risks and threat analysis, planning, designing, contract preparation and costing, contract evaluation and negotiations and acquisitions. The MFCE has also the capability to manage complete projects from start to end including post project support. It also provides local representation including bureau services to local and international companies.

    MFCE also provides consultancy services to conduct feasibility studies for IT projects and cost optimization studies. Through proper planning and technology mix organizations can reduce the IT operations cost today between 30%-80% giving them edge over their competitors.

    MFCE pool of experts has access to the cutting edge knowledge of IT and other disruptive technologies. Through this pool of local and international experts MFCE can provide best in breed IT solution with leading edge roadmap to organizations existing as well as startups.

    MFCE through its linkages with academic institutes at home and abroad can also assist organizations in locating and recruiting top grade talents on part time or full time basis.
    MFCE also spearheads new IT and Technology initiatives and can assist organizations in developing or outsourcing of development of new products and solutions.


  7. 4Acuity Technologies experienced engineers combine the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver services and solutions that exactly meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers continuous improvement in their operations and integrated technology services and solutions.

    Our services include consulting, auditing, assessment, planning, technology evaluation and product identification. We provide security analysis and auditing, product acquisition, contract management, feasibility studies, planning and forecasting.

    Our solutions start from requirement/problem analysis, initial planning and design to configuration, integration then to support and ongoing optimization.

    Our solutions start from requirement/problem analysis, initial planning and design to deployment, implementation, configuration, integration then to support, administration, operations, management, maintenance and ongoing optimization.


  9. 5Addwise was established in 1990, by Mr. M. Faheem to introduce PC based connectivity solutions and multiuser environment to SMEs who cannot justify the use of minicomputers. It has the honor to successfully implement first Ethernet based Local Area Network in many organization, thus helping the clients migrates their legacy applications and users to PC based environment.

    Addwise offers services in the areas of Data Center Assessment, Network Assessment and Information Security Assessment. We also offer service for Designing of Data Center and Communication Room, Designing & Management of Passive Network Equipment, Designing and improvements in wired & wireless Networks, Implementation of Remote Connectivity (WAN & VPN), Implementation of parameter security (EPP & GW), Installation and hardening of Operating System & Servers, Assessment of I.T. Infrastructure, Development of IT policies, Prepare BOQ & RFP Documents, Preparation of Network Documentation and solutions to develop and protect your information technology infrastructure.

    We develop and provide I.T. trainings that help us share our industry experience with fresh IT graduates and network administrators.


  11. 6Polaris is a management consultancy firm with core strengths in project management. Our professional solutions include focus on business strategy consulting, initiatives targeting the capacity building of human resources, the development of human resource management solutions and the design and implementation of project management practices within organizations.

    Polaris targets to provide customized and optimized solutions for clients both nationally and internationally in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Capacity Building, HR Management, Project Management, Aligning execution with business strategy, Developing program management structures, Improving the management of individual projects, Developing the project management knowledge and skills of human resources and Setting up Project Management Offices.


  13. catDatalog is an IT solutions company that specializes in offering industrial automation applications. Industrial solutions refer to measurement and control systems that are employed to measure a diverse range of industrial and environmental parameters requiring constant and remote monitoring. In addition to industrial automation, Datalog also offers services in the areas of e-commerce and business systems integration with measurement systems, training & and technical support.

    Get peace of mind by having complete information about the temperature and humidity changes at remote locations, including Cold Storage, Laboratory, Server Rooms and Insulators etc. Water Monitoring Solution is beneficial for all businesses whether small or large which store any type of liquid like water or chemicals etc. It gives its user the power to check the real time liquid status in tanks, reservoirs, wells and canals whether the storage is local or at remote location.

    A key requirement in industrial control systems is integration with existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or Quality Assurance Systems. Datalog offers EAI services that can integrate monitored data with client ERP applications. Datalog also offers design and development service for industrial automation products.

    Datalog offers training courses in Microsoft technologies such as C#, SQL Server, as well as Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX & Dynamics GP. The training is delivered on-site, off-site or online. Consultancy for ERP Implementation. Implementation follows Microsoft’s prescribed Sure Step methodology, a comprehensive set of guidelines and tools which recommend the processes, tasks and the documentation needed to make the undertaking a success. Datalog provides services for outsourced development. Experienced development resources are made available to clients for customized application development services. Our resource core specialty is in Microsoft .Net and SQL Server technologies. Management Consultancy services covering, IT and other team building, KPI based HR systems, pay for performance compensation systems, balanced scorecard development, team training and counselling


  15. 8KML Solution (KMLS), the management consulting and executive training company especially caters to the needs of the Pakistani companies. KML Solution assists organizations to reach the next level of effective and efficient management, help in their profitable growth and in enhancing the return on investment (ROI) of the stakeholders.

    KMLS offers services in many areas of management and executive training: Organizational development, Information & Communication Technology, Human Resource, Internal operational and management audit (financial audit is not offered), Corporate affairs, Planning, Systemization of the Chief Executive office working, Lighten the load on the CEO, Corporate governance, One time management audit and 6 monthly management audit review of all the management systems/processes/reports, Vision, mission, core value and strategy session, PMO-Project Management Office, Business Process Re-engineering, Customer Care Center, Policies, systems and processes, Management reports system, Management meetings system, Restructuring, right-sizing of the organization, Surveys, Engagement (employee satisfaction), Customer satisfaction, Sales, marketing and customer services management consulting, Executive training, Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorĀ® Services


  17. tlcTechlink Communications is the premier technology providers in Pakistan providing strategic technology solutions to businesses in diverse industries including telecommunications and broadcast, energy, defense, education and public sector. Apart from a wide range of test and measuring international product vendors, TLC also deals in enterprise level of software development, middleware integrations and application consulting services.

    For IT executives today, budgets are tight, responsibilities are vast and demands are seemingly endless. Business lines within the larger enterprise require high-quality service delivery while accepting environmental responsibility. Existing technology assets need to be leveraged to their fullest capacity. Investments in new technology have to be in sync with business priorities and, overall, IT infrastructures must be able to respond quickly to rapidly changing marketplace demands.

    Combining TLC’s experience, resources and technical depth, our consulting and customer on-site technical workshops services can help you reevaluate and reconstruct your IT environment to enhance flexibility and responsiveness. A primary goal is to help create a dynamic IT infrastructure that is easier and less expensive to manage, upgrade and run.